Will Artificial intelligence Take over your jobs in 2022?

Let’s set your scene. You have a wife and 2 kids. You work hard for a company and bring in the revenue. The company gives you a salary that you bring home so that you can sustain your family.

You have been working for the same company with the same responsibilities for over a decade with a little growth but you are content. You are safe.

And then everything goes to crap. Your manager informs you that “There are going to be a few changes in the system from now on.” You see what he is talking about, and you realize that it’s software that is now going to dictate how things are going to run.

At first, you’re cool with it. A company needs to be efficient after all. And then you hear that your friend just gave in his resignation. Then another co-worker is let off. The hits just keep coming. You try to avoid thinking about it and do your work, but the fateful day brings your worst fears to life.

“Your past performance isn’t up to the mark,” your supervisor rails out, “This can’t keep on going like this.”

You figured out that your time here is numbered, and before they fire you, it’s better to give in the resignation.

Who Are You Going to Blame?

Yes, the dude lost his job because of Artificial Intelligence. But what you don’t know, is what was his job actually? I left that part out and spun you a tale. You don’t know if he was a factory worker, or a lawyer, or a manager or a salesman.

With the rise of AI, and with top CEOs like Elon Musk predicting some scary stuff for humanity’s future, we thought to inform you what kind of jobs Artificial Intelligence might take away. These jobs may or may not contain “Robots” (We are still far away from a Terminator-style future), but they definitely have some aspects of AI sprinkled all over them.

So without further ado, let’s focus on the jobs that Artificial Intelligence can take over:

1: Clerks:

2: Receptionists:

3: Drivers:

4: Proof-readers:

5: Accountants:



In the future, we will discuss what are some of the jobs that can resist technological advancement the most. Mind you, I said “Resist” because we all know that one-day robots will end up ruling the planet at this rate.

All hail our artificial overlords.

Originally published at https://www.hdatasystems.com.



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