Predictive Analysis vs Machine Learning | HData Systems

Predictive Analysis vs Machine Learning | HData Systems

What is Predictive Analysis?

What Is Machine Learning?

Key Differences Between Predictive Analysis And Machine Learning.

  • Machin learning is the foundation of advanced learning and autonomous vehicles.
  • Meanwhile, predictive analysis is built on descriptive analysis which is the stepping stone toward prescriptive analysis.
  • The algorithms are designed in such a way that can evolve and improve the process data without being programmed.
  • Meanwhile, in predictive analysis, the data scientist is allowed to run the model manually.

Some important Use Cases of Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis

  • Retail and marketing organizations leverage data-driven targeting to fine-tune their strategy. Shopping behavior patterns are derived using predictive analytics and pinpointed for online advertising hyper-personalization, targeting potential interest groups in real time and anticipating sales with future trend analysis. Massive amounts of structured purchase information from the web, retail apps, and social media provide prompts for targeted ad campaigns. The final shipment is automatically expedited by aggregating bills of lading with commercial letters of credit.
  • Manufacturers also can use predictive models to monitor the equipment.
  • Predictive analysis can be widely used in the Healthcare industry.
  • Also, the HR department of any company could use the same to identify candidates and predict their time to quit.




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