How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Shaping the Fitness Industry In The New Normal

With the latest technologies in this modern era, it’s hard to find a domain that is left out from being modernized and advanced. Likewise, the fitness industry is also not hidden from the advancements our talented experts have blessed us with.

Humans are increasingly clinging towards the latest technologies to help them with fitness & wellbeing. Speaking of which, a number of fitness and wellbeing apps, gadgets, wearables, and gym management software have penetrated the market.

According to sources, the fitness technology market is projected to rise from USD 17.9 billion to USD 62.1 billion from 2019 to 2025. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the fitness industry massively, according to reports.

Gadgets like Apple Watch can track your movements. These smartwatches know the number of steps you walked or jogged and several other things that a fitness freak will surely be aware of. Each year, AI assimilates profoundly into our lifestyle, and someone us don’t even know it.

This blog will discuss how AI has transformed the fitness world, which can be beneficial in the post-covid era.

Topics to Cover

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

2. AI in the Fitness Industry.

  • Smart Wearables
  • Smart Clothes
  • AI-enabled Personal Coaches
  • Human Posture Technology
  • Diet Planner

3. The Bottom Line

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Human-like intelligence in machines can be referred to as AI. It is programmed in a way to learn and imitate human actions. These intelligent machines can learn with experience and perform human activities.

AI uses intelligence science and powerful datasets to do decision-making and problem solving just like humans can. Here, we will see how this human-like intelligence changes the face of the fitness industry.

AI in the Fitness Industry.

Seeing how much AI has already transformed various industries, it shouldn’t surprise you to see AI as an inseparable part of today’s fitness industry.

Gyms might or might not use AI, but it indeed has transformed the fitness industry.

It has reshaped human habits and can track your health & exercise patterns to guide you towards your fitness journey.

Let’s look at how AI benefits the fitness industry in a few ways.

  1. Smart Wearables

AI enhances wearable gadgets. Apart from gathering your health information, it can recognize your irregular heartbeats and indications of diabetes.

It can show the calories burned, track the workout time, and much more.

Tech giants are rendering Apple Watch or Fitbit, integrated with voice assistants to provide more clear instructions to its users.

2. Smart Clothes

You are still thinking, whether you are reading it right or not. But yes, AI in clothes! Smart clothes such as Sensoria, Asensei, and a few more help in improving your posture, technique while you are exercising or playing sports.

For instance, Sensoria has created IoT-based smart apparel, and the upper garment, when worn, determines the heart rate.

3. AI-enabled Personal Coach

This new normal has made it impossible to visit gyms, but AI-enabled personal coaches are gaining momentum these days.

Gym instructors know that maintaining a proper posture is crucial for any fitness regime. And performing them wrong can be detrimental for your body as it can lead to back pain or muscle pull.

This is where an AI-powered trainer comes into the picture as it corrects your posture and shows you how to do it right.

Moreover, these personal coaches help you attain your fitness goal by creating a customized fitness plan and lifestyle routine.

These apps tailor your fitness routine based on your fitness levels, goals, eating habits, and other such data.

4. Human Posture Technology

This technology is a lot similar to face recognition. But unlike facial recognition, human pose estimation tech is for the whole body. This tech is vision-based that detects and examines a person’s posture, and this can be done in 3 ways-

  • Skeleton Framework — This includes joints such as knees, wrists, shoulders, elbows, and a few more that represent the skeleton’s structure.
  • Contour Framework — This consists of the width of the human body’s limbs & torso.
  • Volume Framework — Lastly, the volume model includes 3D human body poses with geometric shapes captured with 3D scans.

The best examples of these are Zenia & Freeletics. These are the fitness apps that incorporate human pose estimation tech.

  • Zenia — First Yoga Motion Tracking App

With Zenia, you are real-time reviews on your poses and moves. This yoga app uses your smartphone’s camera to detect your movements using human posture technology. Zenia identifies 16 body joints and uses a virtual assistant to instruct the user. This is how AI-based mobile apps have changed the face of the fitness industry.

5. Diet Planner

Yes, AI even helps with your diet & meal planning. AI-based diet planning app considers your fitness goals, weight, and height and accordingly makes a proper plan for you. There are famous AI-driven diet apps: HealthifyMe & FitGenie.

  • FitGenie works using ML algorithms and makes recommendations for diet planning. The app renders a top-notch nutrient plan every week for its users, from over 1 million foods.
  • HealthifyMe is an India-based app that has launched a nutritionist named ‘Ria’ to help users answer their queries about fitness and diet over message or audio.

The Bottom Line

AI makes this world a fitter place to live in. Now, fitness and AI seem inseparable, looking at the incredible things it has to offer. Using AI-based fitness apps increases user engagement a lot more than using a fitness app without AI. More user engagement will, in turn, lead to more revenue.

If you are an entrepreneur who is planning to develop a fitness app, you must consider artificial intelligence without fail. Hdata Systems offers you an impeccable service building amazing AI integrated mobile apps; you can get in touch with our team and share your ideas to create a unique app.



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