Differences Between Big Data and Data Analytics — The Nonstop News

It’s All Part of Data Science

Why Big Data and Data Analytics Are Important For You?

What is Big Data?

  • Volume — the quantity of information from various sources is massive.
  • Variety — The type of data Big data consists of structured and unstructured.
  • Velocity — this is about the speed of producing, gathering and utilizing the information.

Importance of Big Data

  • Company Process Optimization.
  • Automate Everyday Processes.
  • Enhanced Customer Support.
  • Customized marketing campaign planning.
  • Minimize the business expenses and suggest alternatives to enhance the profits.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making Process

The Definition of Data Analytics, and How To Use It?

Why is Data Analytics important?

How Are They Different?

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Henny Jones

Henny Jones

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