Advantages of Video Analytics in Healthcare | HData Systems

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Advantages of Video Analytics in Healthcare | HData Systems

When we buy a new something new, we always check if it is up to date and in sync with our requirements especially if it is electronic. But when we talk about Hospital Industry, the management team faces new challenges every day. Yes, the old methods of keeping security at entry are still relevant but what about any internal issues? You cannot expect these guards to roam around and keep a check on everyone, right? Here you have big data analytics to deal with and opt for newer technological advancements to help out the functioning. Here, video analytics in healthcare plays a big role in the security and record-keeping sections. Let us look into the uses of video analytics in the healthcare industry.

Key Features of Video Analytics That Make It So Useful

Though we have been talking about video analytics in the Hospital industry, why do we do so? Here are some points to convenience you when upgrading with technology is the best:

  • Alarm system in case of any distress
  • Easy face recognition
  • Detection of any abandoned object
  • Monitoring the Queues and keeping them in check
  • Virtual Memory System record keeping

Why use Video Analytics in Health Care?

Video Analytics helps the smooth management and organization of any institute. They also help in the reduction of any excess human engagement and hindrance that can increase the efforts.

The advantages of using video analytics in healthcare are as follows:

  • Quick and safe monitoring of any diversions in the drug department
  • Help solve any false claims and accusations
  • In general, increase the safety of any environment
  • Help find any small children that might get lost on the premises
  • Help increase the response rate of the system to any internal and external threats
  • Save spending on security teams
  • Connect the whole database of the management to cloud computing

Where is Video Analytics inculcated in Healthcare?

There are numerous uses and advantages of using data science in the hospital industry. This helps with many day-to-day chores which might be difficult for the staff to keep a record of. Let us look at the various ways of inculcating video analytics in healthcare systems.

1) Caring For The Patient

The prime duty of any hospital is to take care of patient that has trusted them completely with their health issues. With the use of video analytics, we can take care of patients in better ways in case of treatments, medication updates, and extreme emergencies. Instead of checking on the patient from time to time by disturbing them, we can keep a track of them through video analytics. This helps ensure that they get better and undisturbed rest which can help them recover faster. With the help of Artifical Intelligence Integration, the hospital industry can also track the movements of the patient and send warning signals to doctors in case of emergencies. This technology can be life-saving. Video Analytics can help with sensing objects and motions in the emergency rooms.

2) Telehealthcare Provision

Before listing the benefits let us understand what telehealthcare service means. Telehealthcare means providing any healthcare services on call. This can include various things like consultation or ordering medicines, and blood pressure reporting for the patients. All these services are impossible to manage without the provision of video analytics. Hence hospital industry benefits greatly from this technology. It helps connect patients who are remotely based and for whom coming to the healthcare facility is not possible. It is highly beneficial in case of emergencies.

3) Improving The Safety of The Staff

Video analytics helps improve the safety of the staff in the hospital industry. The staff working in the drug department, OPD service, and waiting rooms encounter tempered customers which can be difficult to deal with. Most of the small verbal abuse incidents and abuse can be recorded and reported and sometimes avoided when people learn that they are being recorded. Video analytics in healthcare help inform the staff and alert security in case of such incidents.

4) Managing The Ambulances With Data Science

Video analytics helps manage ambulances and the emergency treatment given to patients while they are on their way to the hospital. It helps provide crucial information about the patient that can save the patient’s life. The way the patient was treated during the case of this emergency can also be saved as a record for future reference and treatments. Along with this, video analytics also helps clear any false allegations that are charged to the treatment center.

5) Prevention of Theft

Theft has become one of the increasing issues faced by the hospital industry. This includes everything, from medical equipment, overhead utilities, or expensive medicines that are used for the treatment of severely affected patients. This theft is either carried out by the family members of the patients being treated or the staff of that hospital. This can be prevented by video analytics.

Hence, the inculcation of video analytics in healthcare is highly beneficial.

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